Graduate with Entrepreneurial Spirit? Why you Shouldn’t Overlook a Job in Sales First.

30 September 2019 by Mia Stubbs

Entrepreneurial Spirit Get A Job In Sales First


If you have aspirations of being the next Richard Branson or Deborah Meaden, it’s best to start running with it as soon as possible, right? WRONG.

Too many young people dive in head first into the complex world of business and don’t succeed as they lack the basic sales skills to help understand and moreover WIN new business. Thus, so many great ideas fail. But as a new graduate, how do you gain such invaluable experience?


Getting 3-5 years of experience in a great Tech company can really benefit your career prospects in the long term. Working for a tech start-up will provide you with valuable insight to see what it’s like to start from the ground up.

Even if your future career isn’t necessarily a purely sales focussed role, the experience and skill set you gain in a grad sales role WILL add value and help you excel in many areas such as internal influencing, negotiating, consulting etc. You don’t have to be a cliché salesperson to be successful, everybody can sell in their own way and determine their own success. Companies are built on developing products and services with valid market propositions, so why rush in and try to sell a product / service without having a deeper understanding of the sales and business world? It makes so much more sense to spend a proportion of your career gaining a commercial awareness that will give you a broader understanding of how a business operates.

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