FREE Graduate Resources You NEED to be Using

14 October 2019 by Mia Stubbs


​Graduated University? Entering the world of work?

Wondering what FREE resources you can be using to help optimise your personal brand and ultimately increase your chances of securing your first grad job? Look no further…

Many graduates are unaware of the free insightful resources that are available after University, but these resources could be the difference between securing your first job after graduation and falling into the fatal trap of going back to work in your part-time job at home for ‘just a few months’.


Whether you listen to it whilst you’re on your lunch break or when you’re sat in the traffic that is the dreaded rush hour, podcasts are an efficient way to get your weekly fix of top tips for grads! There are vast amounts of relevant podcasts available for grads but a few popular choices include: ‘Millennial’, ‘Adulthood Made Easy’, ‘Career Talk’ and ‘Adulting’.


It may seem obvious, but the importance of LinkedIn is typically overlooked by recent grads. LinkedIn is bursting with useful contacts, advice and content direct from the market.


Educational, conversational and good opportunity to network. As a graduate fresh out of University, it’s VITAL you start making connections in the field of work you are wanting to you go into. Someone you have a conversation with today may actually help you out in some way or another in 10 years’ time.

Make the most of the resources available to you! It doesn’t have to cost lots of money or take up hours of your time for the effects to be beneficial.