Achieve a Work-life Balance in Your First Job

14 November 2019 by Mia Stubbs

Achieve A Work Life Balance In Your First Job
Trying to find the right balance between work and your own personal life can sometimes prove to be a struggle, but don’t worry… you’re not alone!

Transitioning from Uni life into the world of work can be one gigantic roller coaster that can take time to adjust to. Not only that, but finding the optimum work-life balance is different for everyone - what might work for one person isn’t always going to work for someone else – life just doesn’t work like that.

So here’s our 5 top tips to help get the right work-life balance after transitioning into the world of work from uni life:

1. Prioritise Your Time…

Whether it’s through making a To-do list or simply making a mental note, you need to ensure you’re prioritising into something along the lines of Eisenhower’s matrix:

- Urgent & important

- Important but not urgent

- Urgent but not important

- Neither urgent or important

Thus, allowing you to judge the urgency and status of a task before deciding when to act upon it. Try not to just put everything in the Urgent and Important box (as tempting and as easy is this can be) – be really critical about what needs to go in this section.

2. Know your Strengths and Weaknesses…

Work to your strengths and more importantly - PLAY TO THEM! If you know there’s a specific time that you are most productive then plan your time so that you assign the relevant tasks to be completed in this time; increasing your productivity and efficiency.

3. Do what you love to do…

Make sure you set time aside to do what you love to do, sounds simple right? But it’s easy to overlook such a simple task that provides such benefits to your well-being. Something completely un-related to work such as attending a weekly yoga class or going swimming.  

4. Take a break…

Don’t burn yourself out! It’s important to take small regular breaks so that you can concentrate better and be more productive. In addition to this, making sure that you utilise your lunch break can make every difference to your attention levels.

5. Be realistic…

Setting over-optimistic goals that aren’t going to be achievable can be demotivating and in fact discourage you to set and stick to your goals in the future. We’d advise SMART goals to ensure your goals are achievable!


As scary as the jump from Uni to working life may sound, it can be made easier through effectively managing your time to compliment your new lifestyle! If you’re interested in pursuing a career in tech sales, visit our live roles we have to offer! Or alternatively, upload your CV here.