Graduates. The Key to Your Next Successful Sales Hire.

19 February 2020 by Mia Stubbs

Are You Born A Salesperson Or Do You Need A Degree To Work In Sales

Some hiring managers have a clouded perception around the work-ethic of the graduate workforce. But we’re here to change that. There are many reasons and benefits to hiring ‘fresh grads’ as part of your sales team.   


Most graduates have little business and sales experience after finishing university, nevertheless, this can be an advantage to the business. Graduates can easily adapt to the necessary processes in the role and with limited workplace knowledge, they won’t have ingrained ‘bad’ or ‘unhealthy’ work habits to carry into their new position. They can approach new challenges with a fresh mindset that hasn’t been tainted by their previous employer and deliver innovative ideas to achieving results.

Resilient and Driven.

The stereotypes that not all university graduates have the tendency to constantly strive into their next challenge can be a concerning thought for Hiring Managers. Conversely, grads that are hired via a thorough recruitment process are more likely to obtain a hard-working ethos. Consequently, they are easier to manage as they are keen to impress their employer and avoid conflicts that may arise.

Transferable Skills.

A minimum of three years studying for a degree in your chosen field, equips individual with great skills that can be converted to many alternative fields. Transferable skills such as strong written communication, organisation, presentation skills and time management! Therefore, it doesn’t always prove to continuously only hire for graduates that have studied in directly related fields. 


As insensitive as it may come across, it is undoubtedly one of the benefits of hiring grads. The alternative of paying someone with perhaps over-inflated salary expectations doesn’t seem an attractive option. With investment into the training, it is only a matter of time before your grad is billing like the rest of employees in your company.