How to Deal with ‘Pre-Interview’ Nerves…

19 March 2020 by Mia Stubbs

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​Interviews – a word that may fill people with fearful, nervous and anxious emotions. We get it! They can be nerve-racking, but more times than not, the reason that you experience such emotions is because you CARE!                                          
So we’re here to hit you with our top tips and advice to help you keep control over your nerves, staying calm and collected for your interviews!

Preparation is Key.

A large proportion of the anxious feelings surrounding interviews is due to uncertainty and not knowing what to expect, therefore, it is ESSENTIAL to prepare as much as you can for your interview…

  • Ensure you have researched the company so that you are able and comfortable explaining what it is the company does, the company history and the values that the company runs on.

  • Make sure you know exactly what the outlined roles and responsibilities for the role you are interviewing for include and how this relates to the overall goals of
    the business.

  • Prepare any previous work that can demonstrate experience or knowledge may be relevant to show your potential employer.

Practice Practice Practice.

You’ve done the research, now is the time to grab a friend or family member to help you rehearse your questions and answers that you can expect from the interview. The more familiar you are with the answers you have prepared, the more comfortable you will feel delivering it in your interview. Make sure you can clearly explain (or even demonstrate if applicable) what work you have previously completed that relates to the role you are interviewing for - show how you can be a good fit for the role. It’s important that you make the most out of this exercise, meaning that you ask whoever it is that you are practicing with for their honest feedback and act upon the areas that have room for improvement.

Know Who You are Interviewing With.

Not only should you research and understand the background of the company that you’re interviewing with, it is imperative that you carry out similar research for the people who will be interviewing you! By simply looking at and connecting with people’s profiles that you are likely to be speaking with in the interview process, you can start to recognise the type of background they have. On the back of this, you can prepare questions in regards into your research into the employers and employees which a great way is to show that you have researched the company profiles.

Final Considerations…

The small considerations can make a world of difference, get them boxed off and you will feel more relaxed in the lead up towards your interview:

  • Plan your route. Where possible, it would be good practice doing a trial run of your route at the time you will be doing it for the interview. If not, make sure you plan out your route and leave plenty of time.

  • Get your outfit sorted. The last thing you want to be worried about on the day of your interview is which outfit matches what shoes or if a shirt is too tight, so try on your outfit the night before to make sure you are comfortable.

  • Lastly, ensure you have all the correct materials you need for the interview, such as, copy of your CV, pen and paper, examples of any work that you have done and any other documents the company may have asked to see.

Preparation is key, it’s that simple. Get prepared and you will eliminate any nasty surprises going into your interview, boosting your confidence and helping you glide through the next stages of the interview. Not sure about what questions to ask the interviewer? Click here to view our blog!