• Video Testimonial 1

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  • Seb Testimonial 1

    "Seb is one of the best recruiters that I have ever worked with. Set me up with so many interviews with all amazing companies to the extent that I cannot even count how many. Landed me an amazing job which is a perfect fit. Seb is very hardworking, consistent, resilient and will not give up until the job is done."

    Seb Testimonial 1
  • Sarah Testimonial 5

    ​Sarah is one of the best, if not the best recruiters I have ever come across. I was in a position whereby my previous company closed down so I took a couple of months off. When I was ready to come back to the land of employment, Sarah from the first moment listened to my career to date along with getting to know my personality and found an amazing opportunity with an amazing company I am now in employment with. My biggest compliment about Sarah is the fact she kept me in the loop about everything during the process, even if there was no news she would give me a call or message to tell me. When you are out of work, this level of communication, care, going above & beyond attitude is a pure class and sets her aside from other recruiters who see numbers before theperson. I am in a position now (thanks to Sarah) whereby I will be hiring to build a team and there is no question I will want Sarah to be the person to lead this with me!

    Sarah Testimonial 5
  • Testimonial 2 - Seb

    ​"Sebastian is with no doubt one of the hardest working people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His positive and selfless character have been a constant driver for success. And his knowledge and acumen in his craft go far beyond his years. His deep understanding of the bigger picture and his attention to detail have been vital when approaching intricate complexities and difficult projects. Strongly recommended to anyone looking for passion and energy, and all of the above."

    Testimonial 2 - Seb
  • Sarah testimonial 4

    ​“Dedicated, professional and genuine are words that come to mind when describing Sarah. With Sarah’s help I was able to interview for and receive offers from fantastic companies in order to further my career. If you are looking for tailored opportunities with the help, guidance and support of a dedicated Talent Consultant, I would highly recommend working with Sarah Garnett."

    Sarah testimonial 4
  • Sarah testimonial 3

    ​"Sarah has been instrumental in me gaining a new exciting challenge. Very supportive informative and professional. If you need someone to help you sell yourself for a new role and want to place your trust in someone then Sarah is a person you need to connect with and put your faith in."

    Sarah testimonial 3
  • Associate Director

    ​You've made it! Associate Director - the pinnacle of our Career Development Plan!

  • Principal Consultant / Managing Consultant

    ​After achieving this promotion, you can choose whether to be a Managing Consultant and manage your own team, or become a Principal Consultant.

  • Senior Executive Search Consultant

    ​​Moving on up!

  • Executive Search Consultant

    Congratulations! After successfully achieving your promotion, you will become an Executive Search Consultant.

  • Talent Consultant

    Start your career in recruitment as a Talent Consultant at Talentskowt. As a Talent Consultant, you will receive a competitive salary and an uncapped commission-based OTE.

  • Testimonial Alastair

    ​​“I worked with Alastair when hiring a new member of my sales team. He was very attentive and put forward some great candidates. He really listened to the brief and understood what we as a company were looking for. I would definitely contact him again next time I am hiring.”

    Testimonial Alastair
  • Sarah Testimonial 1

    "Sarah has been an incredible recruiter, at this point in my career I am looking for someone with empathy, a good understanding of my skill set & place in the job market. Sarah has delivered and I would highly recommend for the next step in your career journey."

    Sarah Testimonial 1
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    TS at careers fair
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    TS choose your attitude
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    TS does Abbey Road
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    TS Jumpers
  • Employee Testimonial - Adam

    ​"I like working at Talentskowt because it’s a fast paced environment, I work with great people who are always supportive and there is something new every day. As a Politics graduate, I like recruitment because it means there’s a lot of debate and negotiation, so aligns well with my skill set."

    Employee, Talentskowt Employees
    Employee Testimonial - Adam
  • Testimonial 2

    “Gregory is very diligent, considerate and organised when helping people find a role - which is just what you need during a naturally stressful time. He goes above and beyond to help candidates prepare for interviews and ensures they have all the information they need to make a decision. I enjoyed working with Gregory and would highly recommend him to others!”​

    Testimonial 2
  • Testimonial 2 - Jamie

    "I came across Talentskowt when I was looking for work after my Masters degree. [Their] attention to details and enthusiasm really made a difference in my choice of a recruiter. As a result of [their] work I was incredibly pleased with the job offer I received. Undoubtedly, [the Talentskowt team] are excellent professionals, great negotiators and are always happy to help!"

    Testimonial 2 - Jamie
  • Testimonial 1 - Jamie

    "I am a post-graduate, [the Talentskowt team] have been great in supporting me to secure this amazing job! From my perspective the process was fluid, on many occasions, [Talentskowt] called me after working hours to ensure I was prepared for the interview and also guided me throughout the entire process. I have recommended my personal friends to go through the company as it has been a positive experience for myself."

    Testimonial 1 - Jamie